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what do we value...Our clients are number one

Gridline Solutions was founded on the principle of providing a higher standard of service at a more competitive prices. We are dedicated to preserving and growing our greatest asset - Our clients.


We provide a range of next generation Web and ITC products that are flexible enough to service any business from corporate, data centres to a small businesses. We ensure that most of our products are scalable to provide our clients with leverage to grow their business without the worry of outgrowing their infrastructure.

In any business there are essentials components that cannot be done without. That why we aim to provide rock-solid Network and ITC infrastructure as well as world class internet services. We believe that our growth is directly linked to our clients growth.


Why Choose Us

We always put our clients first

We are dedicated to excellence

Our products will build your business

Our services include more than you know

Our support is based on our clients needs

Our Prices are more competative

We seek to build lasting relationships

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